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We started in 1985 in the field of raw materials in the food industry and gradually expanded our field of expertise. And today we have a hand in many areas. We believe we owe everything we have today to our customers.

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  • Accuracy
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We are a manufacturing and trading company doing business in most countries around the world.
Our expertise is in import and export in the countries of the Middle East as well as the newly independent countries of the former Soviet Union.
And due to our prolonged experience in marketing and sale, we have been able to gain significant marketing share. We can supply our customers’ needs with high quality at very affordable prices.


Our Field of Activity
We are a multipurpose company who have been working in various fields such as food industry – machinery – spare parts – petrochemical industry – printing and packaging industries – and many other fields for many years.
We have a hand in supplying, importing and exporting all over the world.


Legal Department:
MT-Royal Company is committed to employing the most experienced business lawyers to enter into international agreements to make the parties more transparent.
The legal department of MT-Royal announces its statistics for free consultations for dear customers to enter into international contracts with full vision.

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